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What is the famous social site Facebook?

It is a free online site

It allows registered users to create personal pages, upload photos, videos, and files, and write you're daily personal and public situations networking with friends, family, and colleagues The site works in many languages so that most of the world's population can use it

: The site includes general features

Groups - Some of the best features of this site
it is created by a member or a group of members
 Allow those with shared interests to communicate and find each other and share images, videos, and files that relate to their interest
everyone on the group can post to the group

Pages - Created by a member or group of members
those interested in a particular topic want to promote it or publish it to the rest of the members interested in the same subject
The only administrators on the page are those who can post on the page not all members

Events - Any member can announce a specific event and invite friends or who are interested in the event and know who is planning to attend and publish the developments of this event

 - Tech presence
Allow the user to see the contacts and pages are available for chatting
You can easily share photos, videos, and files with them

Each member has a personal page and this page contains his interests, posts, topics, photos, videos and files that he publishes
with his friends and family and who has in his contacts
can share photos and videos from mobile or directly from the camera phone
Friends can comment on each other's photos and create tags

Note: Do not post inappropriate or copyrighted images
the Facebook team will delete them

There are options of privacy provided by the site to members
Any member can publish posts to the public or only to friends
 You can block communication with members
You can choose to appear for search or not

In the end
 Facebook site is really wonderful and we hope you
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