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The land of the beautiful islands


One of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia and unfortunately does not attract the attention of many travelers

Although this country has beaches with white sand that delight your eyes with its beauty
Water like crystal can see through it
For lovers of adventure, there are volcanoes and beautiful colored lakes

And the high mountains that embrace the sky and there are mountains you can climb and rice fields stretched miles in front of you in bright green
It is one of the best places to hike
And enjoy the smell of air with fields and magnificent views
The population there is friendly to a great degree and will help you a lot

The cities you can visit
Manila - Palawan - Cebu and
Island of Boracay

 Island of Boracay
It has great beaches, parties and lots where you can spend a lovely time
One of the best places I have visited and I enjoyed spending a lot of time there

For explorers and adventurers, there is another type of adventure that you can do in the Philippines
To dive and see the ships of the Second World War
You can dive with sharks and rent a boat
And go to places to dive be the first person to dive or touch it and there are many islands not explored to this day

Philippine food is not the best in Asia in terms of quality
But there are foods you can enjoy but most of the food contains meat

You can eat Adobo - Lechon - Kinilaw

Residence in the Philippines is a little more expensive
From other countries in Southeast Asia compared to other countries such as Thailand and Indonesia
There are guesthouses, homestays that you can easily find
The hostel is not much and there are definitely hotels

I would recommend those who want to spend enjoyable time at an average cost of the Philippines for the best destinations for your vacation and recreation

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