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Want to learn languages? In this topic the best 3 applications to learn languages

Learning languages has become necessary in our open world
Learning languages helps you develop your work and study
Open your brain's perception of other worlds and cultures that makes you understand the other

One of the best applications for learning words is the ideal place for words
There are many courses in many fields created by many users
There are courses for many languages
The application follows an innovative way to make you save words and phrases easily
everyone can improve the translation by adding your own translation or comment
You can follow your colleagues, compete with them and know how much you are doing compared to others. All this gives you an incentive to continue

When anyone makes a list of the best applications to learn online
you will not find a list that does not have the Duolingo application name
One of the best online applications for learning languages is to integrate between play and learn
Many of the languages you can learn in your native language and not just English and lessons have been created by native speakers in this language
More than 100 million users of this great application are competing together to learn languages
There is a so-called club where users meet
 for a particular language, they compete together to get the points from the end of the lessons and who has the highest ranking becomes the club leader helps you a lot on the competition and learning

A very nice and useful application that aims to learn the language practiced by talking to native speakers of this language and sharing learning
There are other users who want to learn your language and you want to learn their language
 If you can talk and learn together
you can speak and write audio messages very much like WhatsApp
learners can correct each other's messages using the debugging tool inside the application
You can keep and put a mark on sentences, words, and conversations
for your reference whenever you like

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