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Liverpool draw at home

Liverpool vs Bayern Munich 

An interesting match between the leader of England and the leader of Germany 

Before the match, everyone talks about Liverpool, Salah and Bayern Munich defenders
but Bayern Munich is a big team with big players
his great experience in the Champions League has been shown in this game
the team tried the control on the ball as much as possible to deny Liverpool control of the game

The first half began and the two teams are wary of each other but Liverpool took the offensive because of the game at home and Liverpool fans present
there were few opportunities for Liverpool to get to
Bayern Munich goal but Bayern was a very defensive regulator

Behind the defense was excellent guard Manuel Neuer Salah and his team-mates did not show any danger

The first half ended without a goal, with disappointment from Liverpool fans the second half began with an improvement in Liverpool's attack but Bayern Munich was careful

The goalkeeper stopped the ball
the heads from Sadio Mané was a serious danger at the end of the game

The game ended in a draw between the two teams
waiting for the return in Germany

Liverpool did not offer the expected performance or at least the win to make it easier for the next match in Germany
this is also due to the Bayern Munich organization and the experience of the players

Bayern Munich seemed to be happy to wait for the return game But the Germans must remember that Liverpool is not a small team and they have great players who can change the course of any game and win it. Be careful.

We wish success to both teams in the next game
and wait for the other matches follow us to know what will happen

We will wait to see who will win and rise to the upper stage

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