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Walking the magic solution to better health

Walking is the cheapest and best way to improve your health, stimulate your heart and strengthen your bones reduce body fat and strengthen muscles and reduces the incidence of many serious diseases
Such as diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, and others
You do not need equipment to practice walking
You can walk anywhere in the gardens on the streets in the clubs
You can practice walking at any time of the day but prefer to exercise walking in the morning because the rate of fat burning in the body is better

Try a daily walk of at least 30 minutes to improve your health
Try walking at moderate speed and then increase your speed if you have any medical problems Consult a doctor before practicing exercises

If you can not walk for 30 minutes a day you can divide them to 3 times every 10 minutes and gradually increase the time

There are habits if practiced in your normal life will improve your fitness and reduce your weight a lot

Use the stairs instead of the elevator
walk from work to home if the distance is long
Get out before your house and walk home
Do not go to the stores by car go walking
Do not walk alone Take a family member with you to encourage
If you have a dog, walk with him

Try to make your daily routine try to walk in a specific time daily
Use the steps counter to measure your movement and how much you have achieved and compared with other days. This may help you continue and motivate you

Warm up before walking. Slowly walk first

It is best to wear light clothing while practicing physical activity

In the warm atmosphere, you have water or juice in your hand if you need it

We wish you all the good health

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