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An American state seeks to criminalize abortion

An American state seeks to criminalize abortion

The governor of the US state of Mississippi signed
A law prohibiting abortions
If the fetal heartbeat is detected, meaning after 3 months of pregnancy

The law, described as the toughest in the United States, is expected to raise criticism and push for lawsuits against it before it takes effect in July.

Critics of the law say the aim is to try to criminalize abortions even before most women know they are pregnant

Many women do not know they are pregnant before the 3 months and do not have the right knowledge and this law is an explicit injustice to this type of women so they bear to be mothers without their wills because there is a law criminalizing abortion

The signing of the law follows several restrictions on abortions in conservative states

Phil Bryant, governor of Mississippi, wrote after
Signature of Bill 2016: We believe that this law will show deep respect and the desire of the people of the state to protect the sanctity of life of those who are not yet born whenever possible

On November 15, 2018, the state approved a bill to ban abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. But the law was quickly overturned by a court ruling that confirmed that it violated women's right to abortion under the law

Critics say the current bill is likely to be rescinded, and the state is squandering legal defense money

State Deputy Governor Tate Reeves, who also supports the draft law, said the state would be charged no matter how much to defend it because I care about the fate of unborn children

One Republican member of the state council, dominated by men, voted against the bill

"I can not support this tough legislation that confiscates women's rights," said MP Messi McGee

 ? Will the governor succeeds in passing the law
 ? Will it be followed by other states
? Or will opponents of the law succeed in removing it

We will see in the next period what will happen

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