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Angel of death: because he felt bored killed 99 people

For the year 2015, the German nurse was sentenced
To life imprisonment for the murder of two patients, but authorities are investigating with him today, suspect that the number of victims ranged between 90 and 180, in a case not seen by Germany

"After analyzing 134 buried bodies and collecting hundreds of testimonies, we can cut at least 90 crimes, and a similar number is being verified," said Arn Schmidt, head of the commission. "It is a unique figure in the history of the Federal Republic," she said

Daniela Pullman, the city's attorney general, said the nurse "does not mention all the cases, but mentions the patients in more than 30 cases and how he acted" to kill them

Johann Komm, the police chief in the northern German city of Oldenburg, told reporters: "What we have reached is horrendous and goes beyond what we imagined.

The nurse Högel liquidated his victims in large doses while they were in the recovery room. Investigators doubt they will be able to accurately determine the number of victims

He did not have a preference for the age of the victims of their choice or sex but chose those who were in the most critical situation

The case was revealed in 2005 when Högel surprised his colleague as he injected a patient with a drug that doctors had not prescribed. He was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison in 2008 for attempted murder

During his stay behind the bars, the nurse admitted his crimes to the psychiatrists in prison, speaking of 50 patients who had lost their lives, making the authorities reopen the investigation

Today, the number of victims suspected of having died has risen to between 90 and 180, a record in the history of this type of case

During his trial in the city of Oldenburg, the nurse apologized to the relatives of his victims and explained that he had injected them with large doses of medication, bringing them to the brink of death, and then showing himself the ability to resuscitate them. He did so out of boredom

This case highlights the imbalance in health institutions
 Where the nurse was working, in which the system did not notice any problem in these deaths. Investigators say: No one wants to assume his responsibilities

Police have launched an investigation into these hospitals to see if such incidents could be prevented

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