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Are social media used in the drug trade ?

Researchers have warned against using social networking applications to sell drugs among the youth most frequently used for social networking sites

A study by Royal Holloway, at the University of London
Pointed out that drug users appreciate the role of social networking sites in facilitating and accelerating the sale of drugs

The study warned that buyers face serious risks to their personal safety and the quality of the drugs they receive and that this application gives them "false security" to escape the police, which means the possibility of rhythm.

Many in the event of denial of the existence of these risks, users have talked about their justification to continue to buy drugs from unknown vendors through applications

The study was based on #Drugsforsale
To explore the use of social networking and messaging applications to promote and purchase drugs, an electronic poll with the participation of 358 people, including 288 people used to all applications to buy drugs, while there were 77 people think about this

The majority of participants were in Britain, Australia, Canada, and the United States, with an average age of 18 years
The researchers also conducted direct interviews with 20 young people and in-depth interviews with 27 others

The researchers found that the "social distribution of drugs" through friends is still a preferred method, but that the applications "quickly become a viable option to access drugs"

Of the 358 participants in the study electronically, 76 percent said they were always using snap chat, while 21 percent preferred using Instagram 

 ?Why do people use applications as a source of drugs

The study found that the ease of organization of distribution and transportation was the main advantage for everyone to use applications, which was endorsed by 79 percent of buyers

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