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Country between the two rivers

Iraqi Museum

The Iraqi Republic, with its capital Baghdad, is located in the western part of Asia. It supervises the Arab Gulf, a federal parliamentary state, and joins the League of Arab States, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, OPEC,
Iraq used to be the name of a country between the two rivers

The Governorate consists of 18 officially recognized governorates and an unofficial governorate of Halabja. Arab communities make up 80% of the total population. 15%, while the rest are divided among Assyrians, Turkmen, Armenians, and other minorities

"Iraq maintained its name "Country between the two rivers"
Throughout the ages BC, this name refers to the "land" and includes areas confined between the areas between the Tigris and the Euphrates, and changed their name over time until it was named after the Arabs in the Middle Ages to be distinguished between Iraq and Ajam in the western part of Iran , And included the geographical area of the Arab Arabs from the Tigris and Euphrates Valley to the southern parts of the hills of Hamrin. The country was named in Iraq by the sixth century AD, a translation of the word Urok, or Warka;
It is a Persian word of origin and means low ground

Iraq occupies an area of 4,370.72 square kilometers in the southwestern part of Asia. The land occupies an estimated 4,321.62 square kilometers of the country's total area. Iraq joins the Middle East and, more precisely, lies in the north-eastern part of the Arab world, Bordering the northern part with Turkey, on the eastern side with the Islamic Republic of Iran, bordered by Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria on the western side, and its border with Saudi Arabia to the south also
 Along with Kuwait

The Republic of Iraq is affected by the desert climate. Temperatures rise to 48 ° C in July and August. very hot The summer is characterized by very high temperatures. The country has a rainy season during the period between December and April. It has an average rainfall of 100-180 mm Per year, and mountainous regions have more rainfall than any other region

The oil sector accounts for the country's economy, accounting for 95% of Iraq's national income. and most important sector The first Gulf War has caused losses of about $ 90 billion. Foreign investment also has a significant impact on economic activity, especially in the energy, urban and retail sectors. The country is also responsible for raising oil reserves. The fisheries also affect the Iraqi economy. It produces about 105,168 tons of fish extracted from the country's inland waters. Marine fish reached 5314 tons, but the mining industry remained small, Phosphate, salt, and sulfur


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