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Dead rats to smuggle drugs inside the prison?

Drugs, tobacco and mobile phones were found trying to smuggle them into dead rats in a UK prison

They were placed inside three dead rats found by an official at Gaze Marsh in Dorset, England, early March.

The prison service said this was the first time that rats had been recorded for smuggling

Prison officials examined the dead rats after being thrown from the top of the prison wall, apparently, and found "large quantities" of the drugs

They also found five mobile phones, phone chargers, and three telephone lines

The prison service said it was intended to collect these items from the prison floor and sell them to prisoners

"These things, which have been found, show how far criminals can go to drug trafficking into prison," said Prison Affairs Secretary Rory Stewart.

In June of 2018, the chief forensic doctor in Dorset County said drug use was "common" at Gize Marsh prison, leading to a number of recent deaths

The prison service said it was planning to replace the prison windows, in order to prevent drug transfers among prisoners

Earlier, British police arrested a person who tried to smuggle drugs and cell phones into jail using an unmanned aerial vehicle

According to Daily Mail, 21-year-old Charlie Addie was followed by a police report from a prison staff who saw them on the surveillance cameras of a Dron plane heading for prison. The court sentenced him to three years in prison

Arriving at the scene, the police jumped out of their car and grabbed the plane, which found 118 grams of cannabis, two mobile phones and 1.7 grams of a psychotropic drug

Police initially could not locate the aircraft, but the investigation led them to Adifi, north of London

 Adifi admitted he had smuggled the $ 40,000 forbidden materials to the prison

Attempts to smuggle drugs into prisons will not stop and smugglers and criminals will create inventive means to avoid catching them or drugs

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