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Known as Venice, famous for its picturesque beauty, the city has many titles such as the Adriatic Queen, the City of Water, the Castle City, bridges, floating, canals,

This city has been the capital of the Republic of Venice since the early days of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the launching area of the Crusades, the Battle of Lepanto and the important center of trade such as silk, grain, and spices. Venice has played an important role in the history of symphonic music,
It was the birthplace of Antonio Vivaldi

Venice is one of the most important cities of the European continent. In the northeastern part of Italy, there are 118 small islands separated by canals, connected by bridges, located in the lake of Venice, which runs along the coastline between the mouths of Pu Piave. 45 ° 26'15 "North, 12 ° 20'9" to the east, the city consists of six regions, each area divided into several neighborhoods, the most important of which are the neighborhoods; Cannaregio, San Polo, Dorsoduro, Giudecca, , Santa Croce, San Marco, San Giorgio Maggiore, Castillo and San Pietro de Astello

Climate: The city enjoys a humid tropical climate, CFA, during the winter is cool, and during the summer is very hot. The average 24-hour temperature in January is 3.3 ° C, July 23.0 ° C, and rainfall is relatively evenly throughout the year and reaches an average of 748 mm

Economy: The region has been an important strategic point in this area through its presence in many economic centers and is currently building its economy on tourism, shipbuilding, commercial services and industrial exports such as glass production in Murano and Burano

 Tourism: The city receives approximately 50,000 tourists a day and more than 3 million tourists a year; for its fascination with art and architecture, it is an important conference center, international festivals such as Venetian Venice, Venice Film Festival and other areas such as the San Marco, Piazza San Marco, and Lido de Venice, which is an important and global destination for attracting actors, critics, and celebrities

Waterways: Many channels have been built, such as the more than 400 bridges, which provide multiple services such as human transport and the transport of multiple goods, many of which are created such as the Rialto Bridge, the Ponte del Academia,

 The city consists of five administrative departments: Mestre, Margarita, Favaro, Viento, and Zielarno. Mestre is the center and the most congested area. There are many buses and tram lines serving these areas.

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