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Big demonstrations in Britain

Hundreds of thousands marched through central London
To demand a new referendum on Britain's exit from the European Union (Berkset), while members of parliament are looking for a way out of the crisis

The move comes after the European Union agreed to postpone the departure of Britain from the Union

Prime Minister Theresa May is under pressure to resign after saying she may not submit her exit plan to parliament for a third vote

May wrote to all members of parliament on Friday, saying she would give up her intention to present her plan for a third vote, if not supported by enough members of parliament

Sources in the Downing Street prime minister's office denied a Times report that there were discussions on the timetable for the prime minister's resignation

If the parliament does not pass the May plan, Britain must come up with an alternative plan so that it does not face the prospect of leaving the EU on April 12 without an agreement

Siddiq Khan, mayor of London, posted a video on Twitter depicting himself before the march as he raised his banner
Let the opinion For people

Khan was walking near the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vince Cable, who chanted, "There are so many people here from all walks of society

At the same time, record numbers have signed a petition on the Parliament's website to cancel the EU exit. The petition has so far been signed by 4.3 million people

With the increasing number of signatories to the petition, Margaret Georgiadou, who initiated the petition, said: "I received three death threats on the phone because of the petition and a" flood of abuse "on her Facebook page

Leila Moran, a Liberal Democrat MP, said the petition could "breathe" into a new referendum campaign

Among the speakers were Tom Watson, deputy leader of the Labor Party, First Secretary of Scotland, Nicolas Stirgen, Mayor of London, former Conservative MP, Anna Supre, former attorney general Doynick Greif

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