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How the timing of your food affects the shape of your body !

There is a close relationship between the biological clock of the body and the process of metabolism and digestion in the body has been proven some studies Timing eating your food plays a key role in the form of your body and determine your weight is not less important than the identification of quantities of food and types

The researchers were interested in studying the phenomenon of increasing the weights of many young people at university, and some said that the reason for increasing the weights of young people due to the decline in physical activity and the desire to eat fast food

While many have recently pointed to the disruption of biological clocking of the body due to irregular sleep and eating late at night

There is a close relationship between weight gain and many diseases such as the second type of diabetes and heart disease

There is new evidence that the timing of eating meals also contributes to weight gain or loss

Many people associate eating late at night with weight gain, because the body does not have enough time to burn those calories, but the truth is more complex than we think. "People sometimes assume that chemical reactions in our bodies stop during sleep, but this is not true," says Jonathan Johnston, a specialist in the relationship between the biological clock and food at the University of Surrey in Britain.

Some evidence suggests that the amount of energy the body consumes in processing the food we eat in the morning is greater than it consumes in the treatment of our food late in the day, that is, you burn more calories if you eat in the early hours of the day

Sachin Panda, a biologist at the Salik Institute in California and author of The Daily Rhythm Code, wrote that the vast majority of Americans eat 15 hours or more a day and consume more than a third of their daily calories after 6 pm, This differs from the lifestyle of our ancestors before the invention of the light bulb

Panda says college students rarely sleep until midnight and may eat and drink just before bedtime. Many people have to wake up early the next day to attend lectures, and if they eat breakfast immediately after waking, they will reduce the time they are supposed to abstain from eating

Some are advised to refrain from eating altogether for 12 hours or up to 16 hours overnight. A study conducted by Banda and his colleagues in 2012 found that rats that were allowed to eat only 8 to 12 hours during the day were not infected with the diseases that affected their peers in mice in the second group, which ate sugars and fats at any time of the day Or evening, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and liver, although both groups consumed the same amount of calories. The strangest thing is that mice, when subjected to a schedule, allow them to eat at specific intervals throughout the day, recovering from these diseases

So far, research results on the benefits of abstaining from eating for certain promising hours, including a study of eight diabetics, have been eating all meals between 8 am and 3 pm. The researchers noted an improvement in the body's insulin response and lower blood pressure

Perhaps the best solution, as the saying goes, "eat your breakfasts like the king and your lunch like the prince, and your dinner as poor." Perhaps you should put a lock on your refrigerator all night long

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