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Hundreds are still stranded on a Norwegian cruise ship after a malfunction in their engine

Hundreds of people have still stranded on board the Norwegian Viking Skyship on Sunday morning, where a large rescue operation is taking place in the stormy waters off the coast of western Norway

A total of 371 passengers and crew of the ship, all 1,373, have been transported to the mainland by helicopters since Saturday afternoon when the ship was disrupted in its engine amid rough sea and strong winds

Authorities in the region of Frayna, the first station where evacuees evacuated the ship after leaving the latest information on the rescue operation on Sunday morning, where 17 people receive treatment in hospitals for injuries

Rescuers said the operation was proceeding slowly because only about 15 people could be transported aboard each helicopter. There is no threat to the lives of those on board

Police in the region of "More og Romsdal" in the far north-west of Norway, said that the ship "Viking Sky" sent a distress call on Saturday afternoon

The operator of the tourist ship and confirmed later that the ship was carrying 915 passengers as well as a crew of 458 people

Radio NKR has posted footage of the Viking Sky, which is in violent waves in an area not far from a rocky stretch of coast known as Gustavia

Many helicopters and ships were sent to the area to help evacuate the ship's passengers, according to the Norwegian maritime rescue service

The rescue operation faced an obstacle when a cargo ship coming to help Viking Sky faced engine problems, making it stuck in the same area as the cruise ship and rescue its crew.

Two helicopters were sent to the cargo ship for help in evacuating its nine-member crew, police and Norwegian media reported.

Various bodies and organizations have participated in rescue efforts, including the Red Cross

One of the passengers said in a tweet on the social networking site (Twitter) that the crew did a great job and did everything possible to make everyone feel calm on the ship

We wish them all the best

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