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International Day of Sleep: Can you sleep deeply?

The world celebrated Friday the International Day of Sleep, an annual event organized by the World Sleep Association
 On the third Friday of March to recall the benefits of good sleep and health, and attract people's attention to his disorders

"If you want to live a long and healthy life, you have to invest in good sleep," according to sleep expert Matthew Walker

Matthew, a professor of neuroscience and psychology at the Universities of California and Berkeley, examined the data of millions of people who participated in many epidemiological studies

"Sleep is the best free and democratic health system available," he says

The scientific community agrees that after 50 years of research, researchers are no longer seeking to know "what does sleep do?" But "what it does not do"

Science has proven that lack of sleep affects our minds and bodies. All diseases that kill people from Alzheimer's, cancer, uterine cancer, diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety, and even suicide have to do with lack of sleep

All the basic physiological systems in the human body and every network or process in his mind are being modified during sleep and when a person does not get enough sleep, this process is disrupted. Hypnotic disks are associated with the risk of cancer, infection, and death

Sleep in the last century

Sleep is very good for us, but if you look at the data you will find that people are less likely to sleep today than they were 100 years ago

The idea is that a person sleeps 7 to 9 hours to ensure good physical health and of course we do not need to point out that adequate sleep is important for creativity and mental health

But as sleep hours fall to less than 7 hours, a person can observe deficiencies in the functions of mind and body: the immune system and the digestive system are affected, but how do we make sure we  get enough sleep

?How do you get a good sleep

Good sleep is not just putting your head on the pillow, a growing number of people around the world are unable to sleep easily

Large areas around the world are "deprived of darkness," but you can teach yourself to sleep better if you change your habits, researchers say

They say you will start to feel the benefits immediately

Professor Walker, who also wrote a book entitled "Why Do We Sleep?" By following the following

 Commit daily to a fixed date to wake up and sleep_
It is important to create a pattern and change habits in a way that helps to sleep, and the most important point here is the commitment to fixed dates for waking up and sleeping,
This habit makes you want to sleep at the time you used to

 Thrown yourself in the dark_
It is better to close all sources of light before sleep and to remove the curtains to avoid the lights from the outside

 Be calm_
Calm is an important factor for deep sleep, but with calm, the body temperature drops one degree Celsius so the house temperature must be 18 degrees in the evening

Make your bed to sleep only_
You do not have to eat or read or even play it

 Reduce stimuli_
Professor Walker says it is best to avoid stimulants such as coffee for at least 12 hours before bedtime

Alcohol does not help to sleep_
Contrary to the prevailing belief that alcohol helps to enter into a state of deep sleep and does not help to relax

Sleep well

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