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Male birth control pills will we see it soon in the market?

"Male birth control pills" passed primary safety tests, according to experts attending an important medical conference in the United States

The pills, taken once a day, contain hormones to stop sperm production. These products will be welcome along with condom use and vasectomy

But according to what was said during
 The annual meeting of the Endocrine Society, it may take a decade to reach the markets

Women's contraceptive pills were launched in the UK more than 50 years ago

 ?So why face pills male birth control pills Difficulties

Some say there is no social or commercial demand for male birth control pills, but opinion polls indicate that many men are ready to take them if they are available on the market. Whether women trust men to take them regularly is another issue

A survey conducted by Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom in 2011 showed that 70 out of 134 women were concerned about their partner's commitment to regularly take these pills

Biologically, there is the challenge of producing hormonal pills for men without diminishing their libido or weakening their erections

Hormones help produce sperm continuously in the testicles of fertile men
The problem here is to stop it temporarily without lowering the level of hormones to the extent that it leads to side effects

The researchers said the tested grains at the University of Los Angeles and the University of Washington should achieve this goal. Participants at the 2019 Endocrinology Conference at the University of New Orleans in the United States said primary safety tests for 40 men seemed promising

The study lasted 28 days, during which ten men took a placebo. Thirty men ate men's contraceptive pills, and among those who took a drug containing androgen, the levels of hormones needed to produce sperm decreased significantly compared to placebo and returned to their normal levels after the experiment

This drug is not the only contraceptive method for men who rely on the hormones that Wang tests. She and her colleagues arrived
To produce CREAM GEL, users apply daily to their backs and shoulders so the skin can absorb it.

Progestogen, which contains CREAM GEL, prevents the production of normal testosterone in the testicles, which reduces sperm production to low or near zero levels, while the hormone testosterone inhibitor in the generation maintains libido and other functions dependent on the hormone.

Meanwhile, Wang and Stephanie Begg and her colleagues at the University of Washington School of Medicine have tested another compound - DMAU - that men can eat daily by mouth as a means of contraception.

Experiments on 100 men have indicated that they are safe enough to move to the next stage of testing

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