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City of Walt Disney

Orlando is an important American city in Florida, a very important economic and tourist center because of its warm tropical climate during the year. It is also famous for nature and recreational resorts. It is associated with Walt Disney World, The city is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions, with more than 51 million tourists a year. Its international airport is one of the busiest airports around the world. According to a statistical survey conducted in 2015, the city has 270,934 inhabitants

The city of Orlando is one of the main cities in the center of Florida in the United States of America, bordered by the north-east Tampa, and the north-west city of Melbourne is the seat of Orange County, and the center of Greater Orlando, an area of about 287 km²
 As it rises from the sea surface twenty-five meters

Most of Orlando's land is a wetland, with lots of lakes, marshes, and aqueducts, so its territory is flat and low, as well as full of water and evergreen

The climate of Orlando is characterized by a humid tropical climate. The year consists of two seasons. The first runs from May to September, with high temperatures and heavy rain. The seasonal cyclone usually occurs from the Atlantic during this season. The second season extends between November to April, the weather is relatively dry and cool

The majority of Orlando residents speak English. The number of native English speakers in 2000 was estimated at 75.43% of the total population, as well as minorities in other languages, with a Spanish-speaking population of about 16.60%. Haitian Creole (1.93%), French (1.33%), Portuguese (0.99%), Arabic (0.54%), Mother Tongue

Orlando has many attractions and major attractions and is one of the most active cities in the United States for conventions and conventions. These attractions help revitalize and develop the industrial sector. Orlando is home to the Walt Disney World Resort, three kilometers southwest of the city center. , The Orlando World Resort, which consists of two gardens, the Orlando Sea World, and Lake Buena Vista, which was opened by Walt Disney in 1971.

We recommend visiting it, it is a beautiful city

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