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Spread of measles in New York

New York's Rockland County has declared a state of emergency to cope with measles outbreaks

The county on the Hudson River, north of New York City, decided to ban children without vaccinations from public places after 153 confirmed cases

Those who contravene the decision will face a fine of 500 dollars and imprisonment for up to six months

The announcement followed the spread of the disease in the states of Washington, California, Texas, and Illinois

Immunization rates have steadily declined in the United States, with many parents reluctant to vaccinate their children for reasons of their philosophy of life or religious choices or misleading information that it says that vaccines cause autism in children

"We will not just watch while children in our community are in danger," said Ed Dae, governor of Rockland County. "It's a public health crisis.

The incidence of measles in Rockland County is intensifying among the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, the New York Times reported

It is believed that the disease moved from other areas, the majority of the population of this community is located near New York and has seen a spread of measles

The Rockland governor said health inspectors had faced "reluctance" from some locals, a behavior he described as "unacceptable and irresponsible

"When visiting the homes of infected individuals as part of their work, inspectors were told that 'this is not debatable, they do not come back'

The decision, which prohibits anyone under the age of 18 and has not been immunized, will go to public places such as schools, shopping malls, restaurants and places of worship, which will be implemented by midnight on Wednesday for 30 days

The population of Rockland County is over 300,000

?What has been done with measles vaccines elsewhere
Measles is a highly contagious disease that can cause serious health complications, such as lung and brain damage

Despite these risks, immunization rates are declining in many countries

The year 2018 registered more than 82,500 cases of measles in Europe, the highest number in ten years and three times the figure recorded in 2017

The World Health Organization declared the anti-vaccination movement one of the biggest threats to global health in 2019

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