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The biggest failure in the history of Facebook

Facebook has faced one of the most disruptive service crises in its history, and the main service was completely shut down from users all over the world throughout Wednesday, sparking angry reactions in the world.

The last time Facebook was so disrupted in 2008 when the number of users was not more than 150 million only,
 While the number of users is currently
 2.3 billion users per month.

The problem has affected Facebook's main product, the main message applications, as well as the Intergram photo exchange.

Facebook has not yet announced why the service has been interrupted.

"We recognize that some people are currently having trouble accessing the Facebook application suite," the company said in a statement.

"We are working to solve the problem as soon as possible," the statement said,

In response to rumors published on other social networks, the company said that the service interruption was not the result of the denial of service attacks, known as DDoS, a type of electronic attacks by dumping a service targeted in huge quantities of data sent and circulated for the disruption of service and stop

How widespread is the problem?
It is estimated that the problem began around 4 pm GMT on Wednesday.

While Facebook's main service seemed heavy (crowded), users were told they could not publish.

Users of Instagram were unable to update their accounts or publish new material,
The download of a desktop version of the messaging service (Facebook Messenger) failed, but the mobile application seems to have allowed some messages to be sent, but users have reported a bug in some content such as images. Facebook's WhatsApp application also has similar problems

The map shows service interruption
Published by a third party that the problem is global, and the site (DownDetector) control the participation of users on other social networks that indicate loss of service elsewhere

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