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The charming coach

German coach Jurgen Klopp quickly took on the hearts of Liverpool fans when he said on his first day: "We have to turn the doubters into believers in his power and abilities." Even the most popular merchandise in the club store is a shirt that reads: "We trust klopp." Despite the popularity of the sports club, it started away from the ball fields

Jurgen klopp was born in 1967 in Stuttgart, Germany, and played for the youth of the Tus Ergensingen club where he participated in a sporting tournament in Hamburg

Klopp was not the best striker. He quickly changed from a striker to a defender in the FSF Mainz 05 in the second division and became known for his simple and direct style, which the club fans liked. He was the only player in Mainz, who owned his own fan club The kllopion

In 2001 Klopp left the game to start from the coaches bench. After two failed attempts, Mainz led under Klopp in 2004 made his historic debut in the Bundesliga. After returning to the second division in 2007 and losing the opportunity to climb the following year, he left Club Mainz, after 18 years in his ranks as a player and coach

In the German media, the open, light-hearted nature of the club has impressed the audience, so it has become a "fashion". And even his glasses are seen positively in German public opinion, which prompted the "many eye-catching" to crown him in 2008 as the best glasses in the year

In mid-2008 Klopp became coach of Borussia Dortmund. The club's acute financial problems, which began three years ago, have had a major impact on the club's slump. But Klopp promised to return the team to the Avenue of Victory. His motto was not to buy stars but to make them. Mats Homilies and Neven Subotitch were placed in the center of the defense even though they were only 19

This jurgen klopp recipe succeeded in bringing Borussia Dortmund back to its luster and brilliance, winning the Bundesliga in 2011. The victory was a different taste when the club celebrated with the fans at Borcheschplatz. In 2012, Borussia Dortmund won the double led by Klopp

Despite all the charm and intelligence, Klopp enjoys, his enthusiasm often predicts problems, for example here in 2010 when he fought with the fourth referee, Stefan Trautman. After seeing this picture, Klopp said: "I myself was afraid of this." This was not a decent behavior

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After a respite from the worries of winning and losing for a year and five months, Klopp introduced in October 2015 a new coach for Liverpool. In record time he managed to develop the team and led him to the Champions League final last season before losing to Real Madrid (1-3). He also competes very closely for the Premiership title this season with Manchester City

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