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The film "Us" achieves $ 70 million on the first weekend of its show in North America

Us - the second film by American director Jordan Bell, earned $ 70 million on the first weekend of its 3741 showrooms in North America

A snapshot of the film

Us - became the second best-selling film this year after Disney's "Captain Marvel", which grossed $ 153 million at the end of the first week

The film "Us" revolves around a family facing a group of people who are as close to each other as if they were cloned
The film is really gorgeous and deserves this number of revenue

We - becomes the horror film with the highest opening revenue surpassing the film "A Quiet Place". It also outperformed the opening revenues of Bill I's "Get Out", which grossed $ 33 million in its opening in 2017

Production costs of "Us" amounted to $ 20 million. The film began to gain fame since it premiered at the South By Southwest Festival

The film stars Lobita Nyongo and Winston Duke, both of whom play a couple roles trying to defend themselves and their children against a group of replicators

Marvin's captain - came in second
Adding revenues of up to $ 34 million to its $ 320 million revenue since its inception
Marvell always surprises us with its wonderful films but this time is less than expected but we wish you success and creativity

A snapshot of the film

Paramount's "Wonder Park" came in third, with revenues of $ 9 million

The fourth place for "five feet apart" was in fourth place. The film revolves around a boy and a girl in love who are treated for a chronic illness in the hospital

The animated film "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World" was also dropped from fourth to fifth place with $ 6.5 million

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