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The longest cave in the world

Roger Berker, the explorer of caves, led a secret operation to map the so-called Mammoth Cave in the United States, a process that helped prove that this cave was the longest cave system in the world.

At the age of five, Roger Parker had an important discovery: he realized that the design of his new sneaker could make him steady on the surface he was walking on, making it possible to climb the laundry tube connected to his friend's washbasin

So Berker quickly climbed the tube, from the basement to the toilet on the first floor. But unfortunately, the toilet was not empty

"I did not go there again," Barker said with a laugh. But he did not learn from this lesson either. Eighty-eight years after this incident, the discovery of the hidden spots in the world continues. But he became - after he grew up with the ring - to choose places with a higher place than those he explored small

Here we go to the Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, which forms the main Mammoth Cave. This place has attracted explorers for centers, as cave explorers have discovered blind fish in the rivers underground

"It is an obsession that captures the minds of some who are fascinated by the size of this cave, the vast distance it extends to, and the different kinds of passes it contains," Berker said. "I think it's just wild curiosity fueled by a steady stream of discoveries," he said

Although Barker worked in many professions, he was a writer, executive officer, teacher, and activist. The closest career to himself was the one in which he wore a lamp on his forehead,
Namely exploration

For more than 60 years, he has been exploring unknown extensions of the Mammoth Cave system. During that period, he played a role in most of the important discoveries of this system, including providing that it is the longest of its kind in the world

The Cave Research Foundation needed to combine all the available elements to draw a clearer and more comprehensive map of the Mammoth Cave.

It should be noted here that the exploration of one mile underground is different from exploring the same distance above it. It is enough to look at the names of some areas on the map of the Mammoth Cave in order to understand the difficulties faced by explorers in order to determine the topography of these areas. On the map, there are names such as the "rugged spot," the misery of the fat man

Large-scale land surveying is also a slow process involving hundreds of people. Even Berkshire, it is estimated that the area of the Mammoth Cave alone is 120 miles in size

When asked about what one needs to become a cave explorer, the man answers immediately: Curiosity, the ability to see things in their three dimensions, and perseverance

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