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The most expensive and safest country in the world

Singapore is a republic nation located in Southeast Asia and separates Singapore and Malaysia Strait of Johor. Singapore has a total area of 710 square kilometers, with Singapore as its capital. The origin of Singapore's name (pronounced by the local Singaporeans) comes from Sumatra Prince Sang Nila Utama, one of the ancient explorers of this island,
 He saw a lion in it called the city of Singapore, the city of a lion, which is derived from the two sections: Singa, Bora

Singapore celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015, and four years later began to prepare for the 200th anniversary of its founding when Sir Stamford Raffles set up a business center for Britain's East India Company
Where the British knew its great importance as a commercial center and port leading to South East Asia, then became independent in 1957 and united with Malaysia two years later, and then completely separated from it in 1965 and then renamed the Republic of Singapore#

Singapore is a global city with an important role in the global economy. Singapore is in fourth place in the world's most important financial center and it's the fifth largest active port in the world. In the Economic Intelligence Unit's Economist magazine, and in the Quality of Life Index, Singapore ranked first in Asia and 11th in the world. Singapore was affected by the global economic crisis in 2009, as in all countries, but it was affected most by its export economy. However, Singapore was able to overcome this crisis and rebuild its economy in the same year. At the end of the first half of 2010, Economically by 17.9%

Singapore is one of the most secure countries in the world. It has a strong army as well as members of the police working day and night to spread security, security and law enforcement to all who violate it. Therefore, crime rates in Singapore are very low compared to the rest of the world,
 So there are many people who prefer to live in peace and quiet. Murder and theft have been virtually nonexistent in recent years

The climate in Singapore is consistent throughout the year, with a maximum temperature of 31 ° C and a minimum temperature of 25 ° C. The Singapore climate is characterized by moderate temperatures, high humidity, and high rainfall

A beautiful country worth a visit awaits you with great fun there

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