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The most expensive cities in the world in 2019

Paris topped the world's most expensive cities in terms of cost of living, along with Hong Kong and Singapore

It is the first time that three cities have shared first place in 30 years
 Is the annual report issued by the Economist Intelligence Unit, which compares prices in 133 cities around the world

The French capital - ranked second in last year - was among four European cities in the top 10

The Economist report compares the cost of common goods, such as bread, in 133 cities, and then monitors whether prices have risen or decreased when compared to the cost of living in New York City, which is used as a benchmark.

Cost of "hair story"
The story of women's hair, for example, costs $ 119 in Paris, compared to about $ 74 in Zurich, and $ 53.46 in Osaka, Japan

The ranking of the ten most expensive cities worldwide is as follows: Singapore, Paris, Hong Kong, Zurich, Geneva, Osaka, Seoul, Copenhagen, New York, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles

Factors such as inflation and currency fluctuation have contributed to changes in the ranking of cities for the current year; countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, and Venezuela have seen a sharp decline in the high-cost-

In the last place on the list of the most expensive cities, Venezuela's capital Caracas came close to 1 million percent last year, forcing the government to launch a new currency

The price of a coffee cup in the capital Caracas has doubled to 400 Bolivar ($ 0.62; £ 0.50) within a week in December, according to Bloomberg

Damascus came as the second least expensive city in the world

The Economist Intelligence Unit said that "an increasing number of places" are becoming cheaper because of the impact of some political or economic turmoil

The ten most expensive cities in the world were as follows: Caracas, Damascus, Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Bangalore (India), Karachi (Pakistan), Lagos (Nigeria), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Chennai ), New Delhi (India)

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