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The most expensive five animals in the world

The champion of the pigeons, Armando, was sold for 1.25 million euros! 
? Yes pigeon at this price, can you believe it

The house - Bipa
 For bird auctions, the Armando Dove is "the best long distance race pigeon ever"

The pigeon was named Armando as "Lewis Hamilton pigeons" relative to the Formula One world champion, British nationality

The pigeon stopped
 A five-year-old participant in the races, enjoying her retirement after becoming a mother to a number of youngsters

Mastiff Tibetan dog
This dog can be sold and looks like a huge furry bull at a price of about £ 945,000

The Mastiff has become a symbol of China's wealthy, with buyers from all over the country rallying

Mastiff descended from a dog breed used by the ancient tribes of Central Asia and Tibet in hunting. This type of dog is known
 With its strong loyalty

This is certainly what he hopes will pay this high price

Giant tuna
A Japanese businessman paid a record $ 3.1 million for a giant tuna at an auction at Tokyo's new fish market earlier this year

Kiyoshi Kimura, nicknamed the "king of tuna," bought a bluefin fish weighing 278 kilograms
 It is an endangered tuna

Bluefin tuna is very valuable and is believed to be in the preparation of the finest sushi, a famous Japanese dish made from different types of raw fish and rice

tuna with lemon and greens salad on a black plate

Many people worry about the future of bluefin tuna, because it is expensive, and many are caught indiscriminately

The Defron Ville Sheep
A sheep named Defron Ville Perfections was sold in Panfisher County, Scotland, for an amount of £ 231,000 in 2009. It's actually a high price!

This is believed to be the most expensive sheep in the world. His high price is due to his enormous physical strength

Cow Messi
The Messi cow was sold for as much as $ 1.2 million in 2009

The reason for the sale of the cow is so much the consistency and beauty of its body parts

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