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Top 10 countries offer the fastest Internet service

The Czech Republic has increased the speed of Internet services on its territory by 8.4 percent over last year, bringing the rate of Internet speed this year to 14.5 Mbps the Czech Republic, ranking tenth among countries that offer high Internet speeds

The country on the Baltic Sea, Latvia, ranked ninth in the speed of Internet services, with speed in the small European country reaching 14.5 Mbps

While neighboring Northern Finland ranked eighth. There are people browsing the Internet at a rate of up to 14.8 Mbps

127 million Japanese are happy with the rate of Internet speed in their country. Japan ranks seventh with a speed of up to 15 Mbps

The Dutch can have Internet access up to an average of 15.6 Mbps. The Netherlands is ranked sixth in this statistic

Despite the cold, Hong Kong residents do not stop surfing the Internet at a rate of 15.8 Mbps. The rate of speed rose from 37 percent last year, with Hong Kong residents surfing the Internet much faster than China's native population

Switzerland ranked fourth, there are Swissians browsing at 16.2 Mbps. Which means they can theoretically load one gigabyte in eight minutes. While the Germans need four minutes more than the Swiss

Norway is in third place to get the bronze at 16.4 Mbps

Swedes can browse at 17.4 Mbps to finish second and get silver

South Korea ranked first in the fastest Internet service in the world, with a speed of 20.5 Mbps, according to the website "Chip" specialized in information technology

The internet has great importance in our lives

The Internet plays an important role in the life of the students, and has become familiar with electronic devices as a computer for all students from primary school to use in the educational process, such as downloading educational programs for study, joining courses and online courses, Students study together at the same time

The Internet has great importance in the business world, as it has contributed greatly to reducing or saving labor costs, thanks to the rapid search for information on the Internet, which helped to save a lot of money for some, and made a lot of it for others, and also because many of the functions in arithmetic Business processes became automatic as an accountant, simplifying business processes and reducing labor costs

Tell us, are you happy with the speed of the internet in your country

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