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Walk for Money


           A Chinese university has launched a "Walk for Money" project
encourage students to walk for meal discounts, according to the People's Daily

The newspaper pointed out that the University of Zhejiang Jungchang offers a discount of 15 percent on the diets of each student walking 10,000 steps per day, and if he achieved 40 thousand steps raise the discount to 45 percent

The Chinese messaging application "Watch" monitors and records the physical movements of users

In order for students to win discounts, they must show their physical record on the application to make sure the restaurant staff have made the required steps

The report drew interest from users and tens of thousands of Chinese expressed their admiration for the Chinese social networking site Webbo, the Chinese version of Twitter.

A Webo user, who claimed to be a dietitian at a Chinese university, described the program as "good" and said: "This is an economical way to diet
And a retired athlete "

But the idea was not accepted by everyone. Most of the comments focused on the question of the reality of the idea regarding the number of steps required per day.

A user said: "40 thousand steps, it is certain that the knees will burn." Another wrote that he suffered muscle stress after walking 40 thousand steps

In response to these concerns, the university said that walking is only one of the activities listed in this program

"When boys play basketball, smartphones record their data (physical activity) and count running on the pitch among daily walking steps," said Zhang Linkin, an official at the university restaurant.

"During the Chinese Year-end holiday last month, students enjoyed a lot of good food at home, but good eating and exercise can be combined," Linkin explained,

This is not the first time a Chinese university has tried to improve students' fitness

Last year, the Guangdong University of Political Studies announced a new program to assess students' athletic ability in tests and ensure a walk of 10,000 steps.

But this initiative has led students to cheat and cheat on the number of steps, as reaching 10,000 steps a day is difficult, according to an official with the official Xinhua news agency.

China is currently facing a real problem in the spread of obesity, and there are warnings of a rapid rise in rates of obesity among young people

More than a quarter of China's children are expected to suffer from obesity or overweight by 2030, according to one study

There is also criticism of the public health policies of the Chinese government because they mainly focus on exercise
While rarely indicating the need to adhere to a diet program or calorie restriction and consumption of junk food

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