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What after the second crash "Boeing's 737 MAX 8"

There is great concern among air travelers after the second crash of "Boeing's 737 MAX 8" in the sky in Ethiopia, killing 157 passengers

The cause of the accident was not immediately clear but the airline reported that the pilot reported difficulties and asked to return to Addis Ababa

The accident took place at 8.44 am, shortly after take-off from the capital airport
The crashed plane disappeared from the radar six minutes after take-off.
Boeing said in a tweet that it was "closely monitoring the situation"

The first incident was in Indonesia for the same model aircraft
The flight "GT 610" was a trip to Bengal and Penang, the main city of Bangka province
The plane lost contact with ground controllers minutes after taking off and is believed to have fallen into the sea and flooded. The causes of the crash are not yet clear

 None of the passengers lived
After its crash in Ethiopia, more than a dozen airlines around the world announced it would stop its aircraft of this type

The US Federal Aviation Administration said it was closely monitoring developments in the crash of the Ethiopian airliner and confirmed that
This type of aircraft is fit to fly
"If we identify a problem that affects safety, we will take immediate and appropriate action," a management statement said.

Air travelers can know the type of aircraft they travel at the time of booking, during the process of choosing a seat or by other means on the Internet

A passenger can cancel his flight if the flight is scheduled for this type of aircraft
But it is unlikely to receive compensation or refund the price of the ticket
However, all this depends on a number of things whether the airline has stopped this type of aircraft or not
On the departing airport and the motherland of the airline

Travel and enjoy but contemplate the ban and the surrounding
Travel safely

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