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Where you live affects your age

The 45-year-old man in Papua New Guinea feels like 76 years old compared to those living in France or Singapore. It is the same level of health that an average person of 65 years may feel around the world

This finding came from a comprehensive study by an international team of scientists, published in The Lancet medical journal

The researchers analyzed health data from 195 countries and concluded that on average we are aware of many age-related concerns at age 65

The researchers found that health problems such as hearing loss, heart attacks and nerve setbacks can affect people at different ages depending on where they live and that the difference between healthy aging and early aging may be up to three decades or more

The study examines aging from the standpoint of health and fitness - not longevity - with an emphasis on the growing burden of age-related diseases

Of the countries with the best performance for the average age, Japan and Switzerland rank first, with a life expectancy of 76.1 years, France and Singapore 76 years, Kuwait 75.3 years, South Korea, Spain 75.1 years, Italy 74.8 years, Puerto Rico 74.6 years, Peru 74.3 years. This is taking into account that the average age of the world per capita is 65 years

"These varied results show that an increase in the average age at an advanced age can be an opportunity or a threat to the overall level of well-being of the population, according to the health problems associated with aging experienced by these populations," said Anguilla Wai Chang, lead author of the study. , Regardless of the chronological age

The researchers identified 92 diseases, leading to an irreversible decline in physical and mental health,
 The most common of these diseases are those related to the heart, blood vessels, and cancer

The calculations were adjusted according to social and demographic criteria in a summary measure of development in each country

The study is based on indicators such as average incomes, level of education, and total fertility rate. But while developing countries with low socio-demographic levels have lower average ages, they also experience the effects of aging at an early age

Of the countries with the worst performance with regard to the average age of the individual, the Marshall Islands are at the forefront, with 51 years of age, Afghanistan 51.6 years, Vanuatu 52.2 years, Solomon Islands 53.4 years, Central African Republic 53.6 years, Lesotho 53.6 years, Kiribati 54.2 years, Guinea Bissau 54.5 years, Micronesia 55 years

The study found that age-related diseases account for more than half of the health problems experienced by adults around the world

"Age-related health problems can lead to early retirement, lack of labor force and inflation of health spending, and government leaders and other stakeholders in health sectors need to think about when people begin to suffer the negative effects of aging," Zhang said

Scientists are now turning their attention to uncovering factors that can delay the onset of aging symptoms in humans

These factors can be a number of things, from physical activity to quitting smoking, to better regulation of the health care sector

Addressing these issues can be critical in addressing the challenges of dealing with population aging

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