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Women in Space

The failure to own the US space agency NASA for women's space clothing does not deny women's achievements in space. These are examples of success and some of the achievements made by women in the space world

In 1963, Russian Valentina Tereshkova traveled to space to become the first woman in history to achieve this feat. She was able to spin 48 times around the earth. In 1982, her compatriot Svetlana Savitskaya also managed to travel to space in the Soyuz T-7 team.
Terichkova's achievement was enough to launch her name on a lunar crater and later become a member of the Russian Duma

In 1978, NASA nominated Shannon Lucid, Margaret Sidon, Catherine Sullivan, Judith Rinsk, Anna Fisher, and Sally Rade to choose the first US astronaut. A number of American women had won the selection of astronauts in the early 1960s, but eventually did not qualify for space travel. Because they did not complete military aviation training because they were not available to women at the time

Sally Ride, the first US astronaut, has successfully completed her first two missions to restore satellites using automatic arms. It was about to start its third mission in 1986 when the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster occurred, cutting off it's training for the mission. Ryder devoted her life later to helping girls excel in math, engineering, and science, according to former US President Barack Obama. She died in 2012 after suffering from pancreatic cancer

Mai Jameson, 1992 was the first African-American astronaut to take part in the Endeavor trip to conduct bone marrow experiments in space. Jameson, who is the inspiration for her, is a physicist, volunteer in the peacekeeping force and a founder of two technology companies. As president of the 100-year-old Starship program, May Jameson hopes that humans can travel outside the solar system during this century

Chiaki Mukai, is the first Japanese woman to leave the planet to conduct medical experiments in space. Chiaki trained in Japan to work as a doctor, then traveled to space to conduct experiments in very small, gravitational environments to study aging. She traveled twice in 1994 and 1998 to launch the Hubble Space Telescope,

Kalpana, whose name means creativity or imagination, is India's first astronaut. The first mission for Calpana in space was in 1997 to employ satellites to study the surface of the sun. Its second mission in 2003, which had been postponed for three years, ended when the Columbia space shuttle exploded as it entered the atmosphere of the planet causing its death and the rest of the flight crew

Iran's businesswoman Anousheh Ansari has earned millions of dollars and is only 32 years old. That success was not enough for her, so she decided in 2006 to travel to space to be the first woman to embark on a private space exploration trip. The first thing I noticed when the earth saw the sky after its arrival to the International Space Station was the absence of any trace of borders and conflicts where peace and beauty surrounded our planet

Bijie Whitson is the first woman to lead the International Space Station and has broken the record for the longest woman's space in 666 days. Whitson returned to Earth in 2017 after a 289-day international multinational mission, becoming the oldest woman to travel to space, born in 1960

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