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A couple involved in the torture of 12 of their 13 children for years

On Friday, a US court sentenced a couple involved to torturing 12 of their 13 sons for life

According to the newspaper "The Guardian", the parents who were sentenced to life imprisonment will not benefit from the possibility of parole
 Only after 25 years in the cell

Father David and Mother Louisa were convicted before a court in California, and some of the victims' children gave shocking testimony about what they had been subjected to by the nearest people

The types of torture suffered by children included restraints and chains in the house, as well as severe beatings and deprivation of bathing

The sentence was pronounced just one year after a 17-year-old daughter managed to jump out of the window and call the police

The brave daughter said in a shocking testimony that some of her brothers had been tied for a long time and confirmed that she had not been bathing for months

The mother shed tears as she apologized from her sons, while her husband tried to speak before the court, but the couple did not succeed in gaining sympathy

"My parents robbed me of my entire life, but I am getting back my life again," said one of the girls who was tortured

Despite the torture in the family, some children said that they still loved the parents, and one of them asked for a lenient sentence, saying that the father and mother believed that what they were doing was in their interest

The case dates back to January 22, 2018, when the US authorities found a family of 13 children, most of them in poor condition and very slender bodies, in a house in the town of Perris, California, a news spread throughout the world, surprising and shocking, but the biggest surprise was finding the authorities at home itself Two dogs in good condition, and apparently well trained

The authorities have accused a couple of turbines of beating, strangling and punishing their children aged between two and 29 years. The prosecution did not claim that the two-year-old child had been tortured, and alleged that the parents had deprived their children of drinking water and merely provided them with a little food within a strict time frame

Authorities said the 29-year-old older brother weighed only 82 pounds (37 kg), according to prosecutors, while all other children were severely wasting and all seemed younger than their actual age

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