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A new feature Facebook launches for users

Facebook launches a new feature that explains to users how site algorithms work to determine what content appears on their pages

The company will add a special button in the form of the question "Why do I see this publication?", Which lists the reasons why the publications are displayed on the user's page, and explains user activities that drive Facebook algorithms to prioritize what is displayed on their pages.

This is the first time that the company allows users of its pages this feature directly on the application of Facebook and the site as well.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others have been criticized for using algorithms that lead to the display of certain content, but not to explain how these algorithms work.

A button for this service will be available in the menu on the top right of each publication on Facebook

The tool will also show information and analysis related to the appearance of publications on Facebook pages. Photos that contain photos may be due to your comment on past publications with more images than any other media.

Facebook said it would add more information about the "Why do I see this ad?" Which appear on site ads since 2014.

This will allow users to see if the details of their pages on Facebook are compatible with the details on the advertiser database.

This service reveals how advertisers can target you with some of your activities, such as the locations you go to when you're connected to the Internet

"These two updates come under the constant investment in giving users more information and control over Facebook," Facebook said in a statement.

Facebook has been heavily scrutinized after a string of data breaches, privacy scandals and allegations of using the Facebook platform to interfere in the US election.

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg called for government intervention to stop breaches and privacy, saying that the responsibility for monitoring harmful content is greater than that faced by companies alone

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