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Comedian, joker, cricket player and football player among those who rule the world

The world is astonished by the comedian Volodymyr Zelinsky, who led him to the presidency of Ukraine

Many point to the absence of any Zilinsky experience in politics. And that he did not approach the institution of the presidency only through the comedy series "servant of the people," which presented the character of a teacher led by chance to become president

But Zelinsky's case is not the first of its kind. Some other countries are now led by men who came to power without real political experience

In 2016, Jimmy Morales led the section as President of Guatemala, winning his election in October 2015 by 67 percent

Many are rare for the comedian and clown who has become a president with little political experience and no connections within state institutions. He - like Zielinski - knows only about the presidency of the role of a cowboy became president in one of the episodes of the series comedy morality

Some have pinned hopes on the young president, who has nothing to do with the corrupt institution of the presidency, after the overthrow of his predecessor Otto Perez Molina and his trial on corruption charges

Morales spent the few months between his victory and his inauguration in Guatemala, meeting people and hearing the repercussions of the country's economic difficulties

But in two years, Morales has become an unpopular president, trying to extend his control over state institutions, and announcing measures to suppress opposition and eliminate all forms of accountability

Perhaps the most significant attempt was in January 2017, when he announced at a news conference a withdrawal from a UN-backed mission to investigate corruption cases in the country and gave members of the mission 24 hours to leave

Morales has the support of the army, right-wing parties, and the conservative elite, as well as the administration of US President Donald Trump

On the other hand, opposition from the leftist and democratic parties has repeatedly accused it of establishing a military state and violating international and local laws and norms. As well as the prevention of any investigations into corruption cases, or his family or the ruling elite

The 49-year-old Morales had a tough childhood. His father died at the age of three in a car accident. He and his mother and three brothers moved to his grandfather's house

Since the age of 10, he has been selling banana at a local market in Santa Lucia. He then went on to refine his business experience by studying business administration at the University of San Carlos and received his doctorate in strategic studies

Morales's relationship with politics began only in 2011 when he ran for mayor of Mexico City and lost to the son of former president Otto Perez Molina

In 2013, he joined the National Integration Front and became its presidential candidate in the 2015 elections

Morales' campaign was based on a tripartite principle of "God, the roots and the workers and adopted a slogan that says "neither corrupt nor a thief

But after winning the election, the controversy sparked controversy such as opposing abortion, supporting the death penalty, and denying the massacres against the people of Xyl Maya in the 1980s


Omran Khan led Pakistan's cricket team to the 1992 Cricket World Cup, deciding that his sports role was over and the time for transition to politics and social action was over

Omran Khan was born in 1952 to a prominent Pashtun family. He studied in elite schools in Pakistan and in the UK. He graduated from Oxford University in 1976, where he studied philosophy, economics, and political science

Khan has a family legacy of cricket achievements. Two of his cousins ​​led Pakistan's national team and were key players. Then he came to lead the team in 1982 until he retired in 1992 after his message won the World Cup

In the same period, Khan passed through a religious awakening, turning from an ever-present youth in nightclubs to a committed Sufi

In 1996, he launched into the world of politics with the establishment of the Al-I'nsaf movement and became a strong opponent of the government and corruption in Pakistan

Khan has repeatedly accused the opposition of rigging elections to prevent his party from reaching parliament. He was among the MPs who resigned in October 2007 in protest against Musharraf's announcement to re-run for president. His party boycotted the general election in 2008

Khan won the premiership of Pakistan's ministers last August after 176 members of the National Assembly voted in favor of 96 votes for Shahbaz Sharif

In his election program, Khan has pledged to fight corruption, improve the living conditions of the country's poor and seek to transform Pakistan into an Islamic state of well-being


George Weah achieved a major sporting achievement in 1995, with three world titles, the best player in Africa, Europe, and the world

He is always referred to as one of the best footballers in history. He has played for major European teams like Monaco, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester City

George Wia was born in 1966 to a poor family in Monrovia, Liberia. He worked as a technician at the local telecommunications company before he became a football professional

Way retired from playing football in 2002, after qualifying for the World Cup and retreating in the African Nations Cup

He returned to Liberia in 2003 as a Goodwill Ambassador and undertook to support the country's recovery from the effects of the civil war

He ran for president for the first time in 2005 but lost in the second round to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Analysts pointed out that the lack of formal education has made him weak in front of his rival, a veteran politician and graduate of Harvard University

In 2014, Weah himself was nominated to the Senate and won a seat from Montserrado County

With the 2017 presidential election, Weah formed an alliance with two other parties, named the Democratic Change Conference, and became the Alliance's candidate for the presidency

Weah votes in the first round by 38 percent, and in the second round by 29 percent

In the final round, in December 2017, Weah won an official win of more than 60 percent of the votes, becoming a footballer or head of the country. His inauguration took place in January 2018

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