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France is aflame after the Notre Dame

The French Yellow Jackets movement organized new marches on Saturday, marching between protesters and police, while protest organizers are trying to remind the government that rebuilding the destroyed Notre Dame Cathedral is not the only problem the state should solve.

Security was tight in Paris as the authorities prepared for the growing anger of the yellow jackets, and Paris police said that about 70 people were arrested by mid-morning

The streets of Paris again burned tires and vehicles amid police attempts to repel demonstrators through gas bombs and water hoses

Several protests were held around Paris and other cities on Saturday in the framework of the 23rd weekend of the Yellow Jackets movement against "wealth inequality" and the leadership of President Emmanuel Macron

A group of some 200 people tried to march towards the Elysee presidential palace in central Paris, but riot police stopped them at the new classic Eglise de la Madeleine church

Another group rallied around the Finance Ministry in eastern Paris to demand a reduction in taxes on workers and retirees and tax increases for the rich

However, another group tried to show blacksmith owners the yellow jackets on Notre Dame while also maintaining pressure on the macron

The group wanted to organize a march to Notre Dame itself but was blocked by the police, which set up a major security zone around the area

Many protesters were deeply saddened by the fire in this historic landmark

But at the same time, they were angered by the influx of $ 1 billion in "Notre Dame" businesswomen, while their demands remain largely unfulfilled and struggling to implement them.

About 60,000 police were mobilized for Saturday's protests across France, where the interior minister warned of the threat of renewed violence

The movement is largely peaceful, but some rioters have already attacked precious monuments, shops, and banks and clashed with the police

The intense police presence closed the metro stations and roads around Paris on Saturday, frustrating the tourists who gathered in the French capital for an exceptionally warm spring day

Macron was due to comment on the fears of the yellow jackets on Monday evening but canceled the speech because of the fire. He is now expected to deliver his speech on Thursday

Yellow jackets have accused Macron of trying to exploit the fire for political gains, and even one of the groups that organized the march on Saturday accused him of "burning Notre Dame"

Some prominent figures in the zero-waisted protest movement, who have recently stopped protesting, said they would return to the streets on Saturday because of a growing sense of neglect since the tragedy of Notre Dame

Anti-wealthy messages on social media have grown strongly in recent days, as yellow-jacket protesters have urged wealthy donors to be more generous towards the lower class in France

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