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From a street vendor in Athens to the best basketball player in the world

The excellence in playing basketball in the suburb of Sepulia in Athens was a welcome entertainment by Giannis Antetokounmpo

Making money was difficult, and sometimes he and his brother Thanasis had to wear the same shoe while playing

Today, Antetokounmpo owns a Nike basketball shoe bearing his name

The "Greek monster", the Athenian-born documented undocumented immigrants, became the NBA star of the NBA,

Anticoncampo is the seventh-highest-paid player in the NBA, the most watched sport in the world

The 24-year-old player is just around the corner to win the Player of the Year Award

The success of Anticoncampo makes it even more impressive that Milwaukee Bucks is not among the big teams in the NBA

It was the only tournament the club won in 1971, while America was still at war with Vietnam

Commentators at the Milwaukee Bucks-like clubs in Wisconsin, dubbed the "small market teams" - are struggling to fill spectators' seats in the stands

That was the case with Milwaukee Bucks until Antetokounmpo arrived. Now, one seat in 17,000 seats is no longer available

The main reason is simple: fans want to see the Greek monster

With Antetokounmpo Milwaukee Bucks the best team in the NBA this season, winning 75 percent of their matches

"Before Janis came, there were few fans in the stands, so we could hear our family talk as we played," said John Henson, an Antetokounmpo colleague at Milwaukee Bucks

Matches around the world show how little Antetokounmpo opponents face. But one of the games saw a shot from above the basket "Dunk" - the one in which the player puts the ball inside the ring with his hand instead of a long distance

It is a common game - made by the players of the US basketball league more than once in the game - but in this score, Giannis stunned fans and critics alike in the way he jumped over his 1.98-meter-long rival Tim Hardaway Jr. in February last year

This is the third year of the four-year contract of Antetokounmpo, worth $ 100 million, but the next decade will certainly be the highest value, especially if the Greek monster won the award of the best player

If Antetokounmpo wins the award, he will be the fourth non-American player to win since its inauguration in 1955

But unlike many basketball players, the "Greek monster" does not like appearances

Until last year, Antetokounmpo was living in a rented two-room apartment with his mother, girlfriend, and brother

The tough years in Greece did not stop Antetokounmpo from representing his country in international competitions, playing alongside his brother Thanassis. But each has its own protection now

No one was to blame for Antetokounmpo if he behaved differently in terms of Greece's representation in international competitions. He obtained Greek citizenship only in 2013 in a process dominated by a bureaucracy in which he almost could not travel to the United States to complete his transition to a team Milwaukee Bucks

The Greek politician, Nicholas Michaelolius, leader of the far-right Golden Dawn Party, attacked the Greek government for its decision to grant Giannis and his brother Thanassis nationality, calling Giannis a "chimpanzee

But the then Greek prime minister, Antonis Samaras, reputed Giannis saying that
His belonging to Greece outweighs the affiliation of his speakers

At that time, the treatment of Giannis and Thanassis did not go through any special treatment compared to the sons of other less-known immigrants who were born in Greece - it did not go unnoticed; it drew criticism from human rights groups

Giannis says: I passed many times when I was in Greece. People used to say to me: 'You are not Greek, but you are Nigerian because you are black.' But soon the situation changed and I often hear people say, 'You are not Africa. You're Greek. ' But I do not pay attention. In the depths of my self, I know who I am and where I am from. That is all I care about

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