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Health benefits of laughter

Experts say laughter can improve the mood, especially at critical times. Laughter, even if artificial, helps the body relax and get rid of negative thoughts

Laughter causes the body to secrete the hormones of endorphins responsible for feeling happy. Experts rely on ways to overcome depression through so-called "laughter yoga" in groups

Among the advantages of laughing weight loss, while laughter is active about 53 muscle in the face of the human which leads to burning calories and get rid of fat

The studies indicate that children laugh 400 times a day while adults 15 times. A very small number, according to experts. Studies have also revealed that women laugh more than men

The smile is one of the communication languages used by politicians to raise their popularity and enter the hearts of people

As in the usual images, experts recommend communicating with a smile while taking Salafi pictures to positively influence the recipient and increase the number of those interested in Salafi

The results of scientific studies confirmed that women who do not leave the smile are more attractive. The smiling women excelled in the women who took to make-up in order to attract attention to them

Laughter is not limited to humans but also to animals. For example, monkeys are affected by leaps and react with laughter by issuing breath-like sounds

Despite the many benefits of laughter, it should be avoided in some moments. People who have undergone surgical operations in the abdomen, for example, or the heart, should avoid laughing until they are able to heal

The laughter is not without different connotations according to the positions. It can be understood as sarcastic. For this reason, you should choose the right time for laughter to avoid any misunderstanding

In order to ensure moments of laughter, thanks to the health of specialists are advised to go to the comedy theater or watching comedy movies in the cinema or home

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