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Notre Dame Cathedral between destruction and survival

Two days after the massive fire that took up a large part of the Notre Dame Cathedral in central Paris, the painful facts about the disaster are still unfolding

French official sources said that if the fire lasted another 15 to 30 minutes, the cathedral of Notre Dame was destroyed completely, and left any part of it exists, according to the newspaper "Guardian" British

Firefighters stopped the fire about a quarter of an hour before arriving at the bell towers, the sources said
Rescued them and saved the cathedral from a major disaster

Authorities said firefighters had made a water dam that prevented the fire from reaching the two towers on the western fa├žade of the cathedral in central Paris.

The discovery of this fact, while the French police are investigating the workers in the restoration of the cathedral to find out the cause of the fire, which almost came on one of the most important French and European landmarks

In the context of the aim of rebuilding and renovating the Notre Dame Cathedral in central Paris, following the huge fire, ordinary people, businessmen, and celebrities from all over the world donated nearly $ 1 billion so far

Presidential cultural heritage envoy Stefan Berne told France Info radio on Wednesday that 880 million euros ($ 995 million)

Shareholders include Apple, L'Oreal, Chanel and Dior, as well as Catholics and others from around the world.

The construction teams brought a huge crane and slabs of wood to the site on Wednesday morning, apparently paving the way for an immediate assessment of the losses and early stages of reform

French President Emmanuel Macaron has stepped up pressure to set a five-year deadline to complete the reconstruction and restoration of the 12th-century cultural landmark.

President Macron holds a special meeting of the Council of Ministers today devoted to the disaster that hit the Cathedral

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