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Opium route from Afghanistan to Europe

Standard amounts of pure heroin dope may reach Europe this year
As a result of the arrival of the record crop for the production of drugs from Afghanistan in 2017
The delivery of Afghan opium to Europe takes about 18 months
Most of these drugs are smuggled through the Balkans

Afghanistan is a source of nearly 90 percent of the world's opium production. Although opium cultivation is legally prohibited in Afghanistan, the production of this substance has increased dramatically in the last 15 years to the point that it has become an important part of the Afghan economy

The Taliban also benefit materially from this trade. For many ordinary Afghans, poppy (the extract of opium) is an important financial source that helps them afford life

There is one season in the Afghan calendar where a lot of money is spent: in three weeks in April, farmers and their families begin to harvest the opium poppies they have taken care of for months

Hundreds of young people - known as Janon - spread across the country to help harvest the opium crop

Many professionals take holidays from their daily work so you may find a peasant tractor, a teacher, a shopkeeper, or a government employee - all participating in an annual event that fundamentally changes the country.

The "janun" is the beating heart of the harvest process. These young men do not carry a lot of luggage, and they can be easily identified with only one backpack. In order to avoid friction with the police, many of them wear all their clothes on their backs, making the world's workforce the lightest and fast

Once they reach the countryside, they move from farm to farm in groups in search of the largest poppy flowers

Working in poppy fields is hard work and fun at the same time, so women in rural homes provide three rich meals for about 30 workers including sheep meat, Afghan bread, and milk

After eating, poppy collectors use to sing, dance and tell stories

On the way through the Balkan corridor, in Iran through the long and insecure border separating the two countries. The creation of opium is a major addiction problem in Iran, where about two million Iranians consume this substance continuously

Eighty percent of Afghanistan's opium reaches Europe via Turkey, mostly through Iran. Turkey is spending tens of millions of dollars in an effort to stem the flow. The city of Van and its surrounding villages on the Turkish-Iranian border are well-known for opium smuggling

Drugs that get out of the eyes of the Turkish police end up in the streets of Europe

Drug rehabilitation costs alone amount to hundreds of millions of dollars

Deaths from the use of heroin in Britain are increasing steadily for several years, and Fentanil (an artificial opioid compound) poses a new threat

We wish everyone not to fall into the clutches of drugs

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