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Pics - A gang abducts 11 policemen and "humiliates" them in the street

In a strange scene, in contrast to the logical roles in the street, gang members in Mexico arrested and forced them to kneel, according to photos taken by ordinary soldiers who passed near the site of the incident

The pictures came in the wake of reports that an armed gang managed to kidnap 11 policemen from the streets in central Mexico, according to the newspaper Mail Online

Police officers were seen kneeling under the threat of an armed gunman while they were patrolling the town of Juan Galindo, Puebla state, where they were surrounded by gang members in the middle of a street at 7 pm last Saturday

According to Mexican press reports, the police had completed an armed operation that prevented a gang from illegally exploiting an oil refinery in the northern parts of Puebla

The Mexican government has been engaged in a constant battle with gangs and criminal organizations that have resorted to stealing oil for money over the past two years

According to reports, since the year 2016, the state oil company Petrolius Mexicanos has suffered losses from the theft of fuel totaling about $ 7.4 million

During the incident, members of the gang chased the police and fired shots at them near a hotel in the town of Nuevo Nikaxa before the horrific kidnapping incident

Two shots, taken by bystanders at the scene, showed three policemen among 11 hijackers who were kneeling next to their pickup truck while one of the gang members, armed with a machine gun, stood behind the police.

The other picture, from the two shots posted on social networking sites, showed a policeman looking to his right, apparently trying to figure out the features of the hijacker

Witnesses said that the number of armed gang members exceeded the number of police officers kidnapped, including the commander of the unit Pineno Valencia, pointing out that the police were later forced into two small trucks and a car, and drove them to the area in the northeast of the country, towards the region of Hidalgo Veracruz

The next morning, police officers were found in good condition and unharmed on the highway, where they were taken to the hospital for medical examinations

According to various media reports, no arrests have been reported in the criminal gang

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