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Scandal and other mistakes from Facebook Company

It seems that there is no limit to the sins and scandals committed by Facebook, the world's largest communications company, as it unfolds day after day, and is transmitted by different media

Perhaps the recent scandal is the best proof of its continuation in this approach, and this time can be described as "stupid" because of nature, has appeared in a report quoted by the British newspaper Telegraph

Just two weeks after hundreds of millions of users' passwords were stored unsafe, Facebook asks users to disclose their e-mail password to the social network.

Facebook asked users to provide them or their own "e-mail" passwords when they tried to join the social network

According to the report, a message from Facebook to the new subscriber shows that "To continue using Facebook you will need to confirm your e-mail. Because you subscribed to the service by e-mail, you can access the service automatically

Under the message that appears to new users who are suspicious of Facebook systems, a "dialog box" appears asking them for the email password so they can verify the address

"This goes beyond superficial matters," the expert and e-security consultant told the Daily Best website, adding that the company should not require an e-mail password or exploit it without the user's knowledge.

Williams added: "If this is required to register in the social networking network, it is better not to be on Facebook

The social networking company later announced it would stop the practice after being condemned by cybersecurity experts as "horrific" and "far from being superficial

The first to discover the problem was a known security expert, but his identity is unknown, calling himself "e Sochi", and the transfer of information to the site "Daily Best

A spokesman for "Facebook" that this screen has shown only a few people and its purpose is to protect people through the "extra step" when you sign up for a Facebook account

He added that Facebook "does not store these passwords," pointing out that a very small group of people have the option to enter the password of their e-mail to verify their accounts when they register on Facebook for the first time

"People can always choose alternatives to confirm their accounts with a code sent to their phone or a link sent to their email. However, we understand that the option to verify the password is not the best way to do so so we will stop using it.

The spokesman said the solution did not include Facebook access to the mailbox contained in the e-mail to anyone but declined to provide further details

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