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Selfie stick may kill you

A 17-year-old Russian girl wanted to pick up a different selfie on a 90-meter-tall building. She picked up her hands and lost control. She fell from the top of the building and as a last attempt to save herself clung to electric wires, making it worse as she was shocked and killed instantly

 Cortney Sanford published a photograph of her while driving the car and wrote that she was very happy to hear the song "Happy" and after the picture was published in a few minutes collided with a truck and died

 Mexican pop star Genie Rivera took her selfie with her entourage on a private jet and this was her last selfie before the plane crash and their death all

Dutch singer Alberto Adam took a selfie for himself while driving a motorcycle and spread it on the Instagram and minutes later he was killed after he lost control of his motorcycle

Gary and his mother took their last selfie on board the plane minutes before taking off from Amsterdam on the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 where the plane crashed and fell over Ukraine

Oscar Otero, 21, wanted to take a selfie for himself, holding a gun to put his picture on Facebook, but betrayed his hand and shot his head already and lost his life

A 12-year-old girl named Karen Hernandez wanted to pick up a selfie on the banks of the Tonal River in Durango, Mexico, but unfortunately, she fell into the river and sank and her body was found in the river

In the Spanish city of Gian, a 21-year-old man boarded the train to pick up a different selfie and was electrocuted and instantly died

A couple from Poland wanted to capture their selfie on a cliff edge on a mountain in Portugal, losing their balance and falling both in the sea and died

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