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The deadly diet kills more lives than smoking

Nutrition experts have warned of some types of diets that are more dangerous to humans than smoking or high blood pressure and said that these deadly diets take the lives of hundreds of thousands of people annually

In an effort to lose weight, many resorts to a strict diet, causing them serious health damage that puts them at risk of dying

A diet based on red meat, fat and sugar, while excluding vegetables and fruits, kills half a million Americans and 90,000 Britons a year

Such diets called experts "deadly diets", outweigh smoking and high blood pressure as leading causes of premature death, the British Daily Mail reported on Thursday.

Experts warn of the so-called "Western diet," a diet rich in red meat, fat and sugar, with a few fruits and vegetables, and said it was behind the death of one in five people in 2017

The latest data showed that around 11 million people worldwide died of "fatal diet" diseases in 2017

China and India recorded the highest number of diet-related deaths per year, with more than 3 million and 1 million deaths respectively, followed by Russia with 500,000 people

The United States ranked fourth in the death toll from deadly diets, and the United Kingdom ranked 18th in the world

"The study confirms what many people have believed for many years that malnutrition is responsible for the greatest number of deaths compared with other risks such as smoking," said Dr. Christopher Murray, co-author of the study.

"Our assessment suggests that the main dietary risk factors are the intake of large amounts of unhealthy foods," said Murray, director of the Institute of Health Metrology at the University of Washington.

Murray advised not to remove whole grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables from daily meals, and stay away from sugar, fat, salt-rich foods and exercise.

The "deadly diet" stands behind cardiovascular disease mainly, such as strokes and heart attacks, followed by cancer and type 2 diabetes so be sure to keep your body and soul from the dangers

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