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The Electric Scooter revolution

With the top speed of the electric scooter up to 20 kilometers per hour, it is unlikely that this means of transportation will make the hearts of its users fail quickly. Following the Federal Government's decision, the Federal Council of States must give its consent, in order to use this type of bicycle extensively in public roads

Are memories of childhood back to wake up again? The mayor of Bamberg, Andreas Stark (left), is thrilled. The city, which is located in Bavaria, tested the electric scooter earlier, allowing for driving on the road to normal grades

In the United States of America (photo from Venice Beach), in several other countries the use of electric scooter is no longer confined to the "digital elite" but also accessible to the general public. In Germany, there are concerns that the use of electric scooters may damage traffic safety

Segway has made it possible to visit several tourist areas at a very high pace. In 2001, the company developed a two-wheeled electric bicycle and a steering wheel, as well as a small base to stand on. Tourists use this transportation in large cities

The Federal Ministry of Transport wants to propose more licenses for the purpose of traveling through the roads in Germany, which will make for example users of the rapid skateboard benefit from it

The flying board appeared in the famous American film "Back to the Future 2" in 1989. However, the motorbike can not fly as it did in the film. This bike, powered and rechargeable, is controlled by foot movement

Anyone looking for a sports challenge must choose a single-wheeled electric bike that is controlled by the driver's body. In Germany, it is not permitted to drive the bike on public roads or squares. The activist (pictured) was among the demonstrators in the capital of Berlin for the purpose of legal riding this type of bicycles

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