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The Roman city

Rome is one of the most famous cities in the world for its historical, cultural and artistic value. It occupies the first place on the list of UNESCO World Heritage, the historical capital of Italy and before it the capital of the Roman Empire. In ancient times this great city represented the world political and cultural center with the rise of the Roman Empire The entire Mediterranean and most of the European continent

Rome was the capital of the state of the Catholic popes and then the capital of the Kingdom of Italy after the unification of its territories. After the establishment of the Republic and the stability of the political and economic situation in Italy, Rome became one of the most important tourist cities in the world and the most visited in the European Union

Rome is located on the banks of the Tiber in the territory of Lazio. The total area of Rome is one thousand two hundred and eighty-five km². The territory of the modern city extends to the Tyrrhenian coast. This area is known as the municipality of Rome. It is very different from the old city. The old city is within a radius of ten kilometers from the center of the present city, and the climate of Rome is the Mediterranean climate prevailing in the various Italian coasts, which is characterized by the warmth in the spring and autumn, with high temperatures in the middle of the summer
Nevertheless, the city has a constant tourist activity throughout the year

The city of Rome was the first in the world in terms of population historically before the fall of the Roman Empire with a population of about one million people, and after the collapse fell to less than fifty thousand people, and after the city entered the monarchy began to increase the population again despite the attempt Some regimes curbed the increase in pre-World War II periods, and after the war the population began to rise again to reach the number of residents in the administrative area of Rome in the year 2000 is close to four and a quarter million people

Landmarks in Rome

The Colosseum is the largest ever built, and a symbol of the Roman Empire. It was built by Emperor Vespasian in 80 AD, and the Colosseum accommodated as many as 80,000 people and was the scene of countless deadly battles, And was named after the huge statue of Emperor Nero, who once stood on the site

St. Peter's Cathedral is the holiest and most important church in the Christian world, where it is believed that St. Peter was buried in it, the first pope, located within the Vatican City and was created as a place of worship for the first time in this site in 320 AD, Fifteen, the facade of the church is 114 meters tall, 47 meters high, with a triangular archway leading to the atrium which contains a central fountain, the total church area is 22,000 square meters, and accommodates 20,000 worshipers

Piazza Navona is one of the most beautiful squares, one of the largest squares in Rome, a pedestrian area only, where there are many tourist shops, restaurants, and souvenir vendors, and there is the fountain of the famous four rivers in Bernini, St. Ignace in the 17th century in Agon

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