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What Hitler said before his suicide

The death of the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler has always been a mystery to many, being the oldest to commit suicide despite his narcissism and the horrific achievements he has made during his life. However, the memoirs of his own pilot revealed the last moments of his life and the last words he uttered

Hans Bauer was Hitler's pilot and then turned to his friend and close confidant, whom the Nazi leader trusted.

Bauer, who died in 1993 at the age of 96 years, had previously published his memoirs in 1956 in German, but was recently translated into English and turned into a book entitled "I was a Hitler pilot."

In his memoirs, Bauer revealed the last moments of Hitler's life before he was killed on April 30, 1945, by his wife Eva Braun and suicide.

The pilot said in his memoirs: "Hitler came to me and grabbed my two hands, and said (Bauer I want to say goodbye to you, the time has come .. generals are illegal and soldiers do not want to continue, I can not proceed)."

"I tried to convince him that there were some planes available, that I could move him to Japan or Argentina," he said. "But the war will end with the fall of Berlin, and I stand or fall with Berlin."

Hitler continued, "A man must summon his courage to face the consequences so I will end this now ... I know that tomorrow millions of people will curse me ... this is destiny
 The Daily Mail reported

Bauer explained that Hitler gave him a precious painting as a gift for his service for 12 years, moments before he killed his wife and committed suicide.

Minutes after talking to Hitler, Bauer was shot in the leg while trying to escape and spent about 10 years in a Soviet prison where he was tortured in an attempt to extract information about the Nazis.

In the memoirs, too, Bauer touched on the personal side of Hitler's life, pointing out that the Nazi leader was allowed to enter his private home without permission, and that he had lunch or dinner with him permanently.

He pointed out that Hitler liked to relax in his garden, and was keen to carry walnuts to feed squirrels, which was running towards him as soon as he went to the garden and sit on his shoulder sometimes.

Despite his close proximity to Hitler, Bauer insisted that he was not "politically" and that he was "just a pilot" who was working to transport the Nazi leader

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