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Why do we need sunshine in our lives?

Whether you live in an area where daylight hours are short or short, depending on your location on the planet, your exposure to sunlight affects you

If you live in the northern hemisphere, the night gradually shortens as daylight hours increase, and vice versa if you live south of the equator

Most months of the year are full of delights, such as heating fires, comfortable blankets, and fatty meals, but exposure to the sun is important to our health.

Most of us recognize the feeling of more activity and happiness at the end of the winter or feeling sad and faint as we bid farewell to the summer

There are scientific explanations for all this, as exposure to light affects our bones and brains

Daylight helps stimulate a vast array of biological functions in the body

Sleep is one of the vast body of biological functions that daylight helps to stimulate. Light makes our brains aware that vigilant systems are now in control

On the other hand, when it's dark, the body begins to secrete melatonin, the chemical that helps us sleep

Some airlines are currently lighting aircraft booths to help overcome insomnia caused by moving between different time zones. For example, bright lights are used when boarding passengers, dim lighting during dinner, and sunset lighting to help passengers sleep

We now know that some kind of light emanating from computers, tablets, and phones that we use may prevent the secretion of hormones necessary to help us sleep

New guidelines issued by most health authorities state the need to stay away from such devices for a while before going to bed, leaving the devices outside the bedroom

This is consistent with Matthew Walker, a neuroscientist, and researcher on sleep, who considers daylight to be the key to organizing daily sleep patterns

If you have difficulty sleeping, an hour's exposure to the morning sun helps stimulate the mind and body at the right time, which will help you feel sleepy when you go to bed

The daily dose of daylight is not only important for our sleep patterns but also stimulates brain changes that make us feel happier

When the body recognizes the sunlight, which reaches the brain through the optic nerve, the levels of the chemical serotonin responsible for the sense of comfort

By contrast, those who are less exposed to sunlight, such as bouts, may experience depression

There is a mental health condition that is directly related to the fall of the day in autumn and winter, known as seasonal affective disorders

We need Vitamin D so that our bodies absorb calcium and phosphates from our food, which are very important minerals for the health of bones, teeth, and muscles.

In contrast, vitamin D deficiency causes softness and bone weakness, as well as skeletal abnormalities

Fortunately, we can get the vitamin D that we need from the sun, which is why it is also known as the sunlight vitamin

Our bodies create vitamin D when our skin is directly exposed to the sun so most of us can get the vitamin D necessary for the body in this way.

However, exposure to the sun may be very dangerous, so be sure to use sunscreen, avoid exposure to direct sunlight during the warmest day of the day in the afternoon

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