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Google celebrates the "Khufu ship" .. What is the story ?

Google celebrates the "Khufu ship" .. What is the story?
Khufu ship

The search engine "Google" on Monday, the 65th anniversary of the discovery of the ship Khufu, by placing the ship’s image on its homepage, which saved the Pharaohs in a hole near the largest three pyramids of Giza, known as the "pyramid of King Khufu" about 4500 years ago

Here is the most important information about it
- The ship of Khufu was discovered by chance in 1954 at the base of the Great Pyramid in Giza, where it was observed by chance that there were two roofed pits at the base of the southern pyramid of Khufu. The bottom of the first one was found on a disjointed ship made of cedar wood and connected by ropes

- It was re-installed to a length of forty meters and was called the solar boat called or the ship of Khufu. It is known that the funerary vessels to go to restore life from the holy places are the ships of the spirit of the gods

- Seven holes were discovered in the vicinity of the Great Pyramid, some of them carrying boats. Five of them follow the pyramid of Khufu and two follow the queens’ pyramids. The two holes of the sun boats south of Khufu pyramid were found in good condition and sealed

Google celebrates the "Khufu ship" .. What is the story?

- The quality of the wood used in the ship back to 4500 years, and it is of Lebanese rice and other types such as "Acacia". It was not possible to find out why there are other types besides the Lebanese rice. It is expected that certain places in the boat do not use rice Which will be revealed by researches

- It was found that the percentage of large fungi that led to the deterioration of the condition of the ship, in addition to the cellulose on which the composition of basic wood is very low, and very degraded, and is being successfully renewed in the current period

- The solar composite was disassembled in 1224 pieces and placed in the hole in 13 layers, consisting of a nest and five pairs of paddles and two fins steering and a scaffold to docking on the beach

- The length of the boat to about 3.42 meters and a maximum width of 6.5 meters, and similar in shape form papyrus. It took about 10 years to re-install; it was placed in the museum to show for the audience in 1982 next to the pyramid

According to the book "100 Interesting Facts in the Life of the Pharaohs" by the Egyptian archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass, the ancient Egyptian relied heavily on the Nile. It was his main way of moving, transporting war equipment and transporting the stones used in the whole construction. The Pharaonic boats played an important role in ancient Egyptian life, And it had two main types of earthly type

Google celebrates the "Khufu ship" .. What is the story?
Khufu ship

used in river transport or in wars, including the back of large warships such as that used by King Ramses III, and also appeared funeral vessels to carry the body of the king on his pilgrimage to Abydos, and the second type is religious boats which are Symbolic boats were placed In the holiest place of the temple, so that the statue of God may pass on the shoulders of the priests in his visit to the other temples

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