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Snapchat is accused of spying on users

 Snapchat  is accused of spying on users

A number of Snapchat employees face charges of spying on users through the misuse of "internal tools", the Sun newspaper reported

The source said Snapchat employees could access a feature called SnapLion, originally designed to collect information about users at the behest of the law enforcement authorities, adding that spying was for personal gain

A survey conducted by vice site with former and current Snapchat employees to try to confirm the spying allegations, found that staff was able to access users information such as whereabouts, saved images, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses

The "SnapLion" tool was used for legal and legitimate purposes, at the request of law enforcement agencies, but the investigation revealed that some of the employees were using it for "illegal" purposes

"We know this feature has been abused several times to access user data illegally," one employee said

Commenting on the allegations, Snapchat said the results of the investigation were completely inaccurate but very worrying. 
Privacy protection is important in Snapchat. We have strong policies and controls to limit the exploitation of user data

"Unauthorized access to user data is a clear violation of company laws, and if detected, the action is taken immediately

The company did not explicitly confirm or deny the allegations, nor did it reveal whether spying operations were on time and until now or not

Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, has started testing a new form of commercial advertising, with a 6-second Snape non-skipping, making the app browser forced to watch the full ad before moving on to the next story

 Snapchat  is accused of spying on users

Such ads will be limited to (Snapchat Shows) and (Discover) and will not be found in personal stories of users. Broadcasts of such ads are expected to begin on June 15

This move comes at a time when Snape is suffering from a financial crisis, with ads accounting for almost the company's sole income

But the company still suffers from another crisis is the slow growth of users, as well as the strong blow that the company received from the users themselves after the launch of the new design of the application

A new Bloomberg report revealed that Twitter is ready to launch a new feature related to the download and publication of video material close to the application of Snapchat

The new Twitter feature will focus primarily on making it easier to share videos of users on the site, almost like Snapchat without revealing more details

However, according to The Next Web, Twitter's new video feature will be closer to Instagram, not Snapchat, where Twitter will reduce the number of clicks a user has to press to share a video

It is not the first time when a social networking platform is accused of imitating one of the characteristics of the application of short videos, "Snapchat", where the most prominent charges addressed to Facebook and Instagram in particular

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