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After 137 years .. Barcelona completes the construction of its famous church

After 137 years .. Barcelona completes the construction of its famous church

Sagrada Familia

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Sagrada Familia
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Sagrada Familia
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Sagrada Familia

After about 137 years, the death of 10 architects and millions of euros of administrative expenses, Barcelona's magnificent architectural contemporary "Sagrada Familia" or "Holy Family" is about to be completed in the next few years, after obtaining permission to build

The Sagrada Familia Church is a Roman Catholic church. It is one of the largest churches in Europe and was built in 1882 and is one of the most famous landmarks in the world

At the end of the slow bureaucratic tale, the Barcelona city council gave Friday the late green light for the construction of the basilica after a tentative agreement reached in October, the Telegraph newspaper reported

The Holy Family Church Foundation said the license would allow it to "continue construction of architect Anthony Gaudi's project", expected to be completed in 2026, in conjunction with the centennial of the death of its chief designer

The cathedral is currently legally sanctioning the ongoing work to restore and expand the current structure, with a budget of € 374 million, with the same licensing cost of € 4.6 million

The building board will also have to pay € 36 million over 10 years to cover the overall costs of its construction-related activities

In the end, the basilica will contain 18 towers, including a 172.5-meter central tower, making it the tallest building in Barcelona, ​​about two and a half times the height of the Notre Dame church in Paris and 60 meters longer than St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

The foundation added that the license was the result of a joint effort between the City Council of Barcelona and Sagrada Familia, who have worked closely together over the past two years

Until 2016, municipal officials were shocked to discover that the application for a permit had been suspended since 1885 when Gaudi, after receiving the project from Francisco de Paula del Villar, presented his plans to the municipality of San Martí de Provencal, Part of the city of Barcelona, ​​but received no response

The construction has been funded only through private donations and ticket sales to incomplete church visitors. The construction has been sporadic since Antoni Gaudi died in 1926, aged 74, after being hit by a tram, and when the rebels set fire to the cellar during the Spanish Civil War of 1936, Resulting in the destruction of partially original designs

However, the Church of the Holy Family became the most visited monument in Barcelona, ​​where it received about 4.5 million visitors in 2017. It was chosen as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 and was chosen in 2007 as the Twelve Treasures of Spain

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