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Top 5 applications to learn English for all levels

Top 5 applications to learn English for all levels

Learning a second language like English is one of the things that everyone should do now. There are a lot of ways you can learn English, including self-learning through a smartphone

Upcoming applications are useful for all levels whether you are a beginner or an average level and want to improve the English language, through your phone, whether Android or iPhone

Application of LearnEnglish Podcasts from the British Council

Top 5 applications to learn English for all levels

The LearnEnglish Podcasts application is developed by the British Council. This application carries different audio episodes and is divided into sequential levels. Each episode consists of several interesting and interesting passages. These episodes are in English only and of course in the British accent

Every paragraph is where the language is clear and understandable, and consists of conversations between two or more people about situations that occur in daily life as well as talking about different historical personalities, it is worth mentioning that there is a text for each lap of voice as you can download the audio loop and listen to it without the need to connect to the Internet

Hello English application 

Top 5 applications to learn English for all levels

One of the best interactive applications for those who want to improve their English language

This depends on your knowledge of the alphabets and the basic English language from the beginning. When you download the application, you can set the basic language for you in 22 other languages. Then there will be 20 questions to determine your current level in English so that the application provides lessons learned

Duolingo application  to learn English from the start

Top 5 applications to learn English for all levels

If you want to learn English from scratch, Duolingo is the one you're looking for. It uses interactive games and questions to help you learn, not just English, but 23 different languages

This app helps beginners to a large extent as it teaches the language and basic in addition to the verbs, phrases, and sentences, and the people of the middle level can also improve the level of their language through the language test when loading the application to determine the content useful to the user

When you download the application you must select the language you want to learn and the native language you speak to start learning, the app is very famous recently and is recommended by many users

Memrise application

Top 5 applications to learn English for all levels

The Memrise application offers a wide range of courses for over 18 languages including English, Arabic, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian and many other famous languages

These courses are created by members of the Memrise community. These sessions are therefore made up of users who are their native language. The application allows only regular users to create these courses

Lingbe application

Top 5 applications to learn English for all levels

After improving the English language through previous applications such as Duolingo and Memrise you are ready to speak and practice this language with one person. Here comes the role of the Lingbe application as it is a social networking application for language exchange in other words helping users share their mother tongue

To speak to someone whose mother tongue is the language you want to learn, you have to talk to someone who wants to learn the language you speak and help them to gain minutes to integrate one of the other users to speak the language you want to learn, a reciprocal system of giving and picking

There are many applications similar to the Lingbe application, but it is considered the simplest through the rules and user interface and will be able in a very short time to speak and practice the language advanced with other users

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